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A product of biocides comprising aerosol, liquid and powder for the various disinfection applications especially to food industries and F & B outlets…

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IKARI Insect Light Trap ~ World’s No. 1 Insect Light Trap

75% of Food Industry faces flies problem. Either you’re operating an upscale restaurant in the high street or running a heavy industrial which faces flies problem, IKARI have the right products and services to overcome your flies’ problem…

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IKARI Cleanness Machine System (CMS)

CMS is widely used in Food Industry, Food Processing Factory, Hotels, Casino, Medical Industry, Restaurants and areas which has bacteria, odor and pest problem…

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Baclean 21

IKARI Baclean 21 “The most Advance Hand Disinfectant Machine” Germs can be transmitted in various ways, such as touching dirty hands, through droplets released during a cough or a sneeze, via c…

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CHEW CLEAN Glueboard

The transparent and non-smell glueboard is to trap rodents of different sizes and species.

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