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ILT 220 Guerilla™

Light weight, convenient carrying handle, and multi-purpose design make the Guerilla™ ideal for strategic surveillance maneuvers or surgical flywar. It’s not as powerful as our larger units; but the open top design (and mar-proof feet), allow placement down low, on …

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ILT 225GT Sticky Fox™

The Gilbert Sticky Fox™ out-catches competitors whether it’s wall-mounted or mounted under-counter. It features stainless steel construction (guard door included), easy maintenance; and silent-capture at a low, stunless price. Now, with two glueboard trays. Insect Attractant: Two standard Osram Sylvania …

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ILT 711 Flying Lion™

Superior Effectiveness. The Flying Lion™ features a large reflector and open top which provide increased attractancy and access for all types of flying insect. Features two of Osram Sylvania F40/350BL (40watt) insect attractant lamps (Replace annually for continued performance). For …

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ILT 2002GT Flying Venus

The Gilbert 2002GT Flying Venus™ provides the samestandard setting, flycatching ability of the 2000GT. And, the deeper design holds a large glueboard, flat…

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Rapid C2

* 100% plant extract with deodorant

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