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IKARI Cleanness Machine System (CMS)

“The Future Technology in Sanitation Services”

CMS is the latest patented technology which is AUTOMATIC (TIMELY SET), equipped with ULTRA FINE SPRAY (1- 5 microns). CMS is SAFE (low dosage, > 1,000,000,000 particles each dispersion), EFFECTIVE (broad spectrum, broad dispersion) and CONVENIENCE (instant operation or preset)

CMS emits stable droplets with ultra low volume, penetrating and dispersing evenly to eliminate flying insects at targeted area.

CMS is able to change solutions to suit different premise and needs; such as FLYING INSECT CONTROL, ODOUR CONTROL, BACTERIA CONROL or FUNGI CONTROL.

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CMS also features other outstanding method of controlling nuisance pests, stored grain insects, floating dusts and also can be used to humidify by selection of appropriate spray media. Each CMS is able to cover up to 3,000** square feet per unit.

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CMS is widely used in Food Industry, Food Processing Factory, Hotels, Casino, Medical Industry, Restaurants and areas which has bacteria, odor and pest problem. Strong track record with International Companies.

CMS is affordable and guaranteed effectiveness

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