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The Pest : Rodents (Rats and Mice)
Rats and mice pose serious threats to health and property. They eat a wide variety of stored food. The size of rodent populations is always in direct proportion to the amount of food available. Pet food, poorly stored human food, garbage and compost are other good food sources for rats and mice. They like to stay out of sight, even when feeding to avoid predators. Rats and mice do most of their food foraging in the dark. Clutter in the home, debris, construction lumber, wooden sidewalks and decks on the ground all provide a safe shelter for rodents. Once they sense the warmth of a building they will try to find entry points.

The Threat : Rats and mice carry potentially fatal diseases and contaminate human food. They damage structures by chewing electrical wires creating the potential for a structure fire. Rodents may also cause water damage from chewing from roof shingles, water pipes and fascia board. Perhaps more than any other pest, rodents signal unsanitary conditions, and rightly so.