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The Pest : Bark Lice
Bark lice, and their relatives, book lice, are small, soft-bodied insects. These insects are not lice at all, they are not parasitic on anything. They probably got the name because they are small and hard to see. Bark lice may have wings but wingless forms also occur. When winged, the wings are held roof-like over the back giving them the appearance of tiny cicadas. They are usually less than six millimetres in length. Bark lice feed on fungi, lichens and other debris found on the bark of trees.

The Threat : Booklice, “first cousins” to bark lice, are wingless psocids, about one millimetre long. They are found in damp corners of buildings, musty storage cabinets and bookcases. They feed on fungi and other vegetable matter. The common name “booklice” is a result of the fact that they also feed on the paste in bindings of books, sometimes causing serious damage.