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The Pest : Ants
Ants serve many important functions such as to aerate soil, break down organic matter and control the population of other insects. So your goal should not be to destroy them altogether, but to control them and keep them out of your home. Ants establish colonies and they send out scouts to find resources (food and water). The scouts leave a scent trail enabling them to return to the colony with news of found resources. Other members of the colony will follow the scent trails to collect resources and bring them back to the colony.

The Threat : In many cases, ants are classified as ‘nuisance’ pests; with minor food spoilage the most frequently reported domestic impact. For businesses, ants represent a major problem because they are attracted to a variety of food sources ranging from sugars to fats to proteins. Plus, they can travel long distances, which means an infestation in your surrounding area may eventually find its way to you. Ants contaminate products and, in the case of fire ants, their bites are painful and harmful.